Welcome to the
Metro Vancouver Non-Binary Collective

Calling all non-binary, gender non-conforming and gender confused or questioning folk in the Metro Vancouver area!

Do you find your experiences with gender aren’t binary, traditional or even explainable? Are you struggling to fit into the typical ‘MtF’/’FtM’ transgender spaces? Not even sure if gender exists anyway or if you’re just turning into a local cryptid? If so, the Metro Vancouver Non-Binary Collective is probably for you! Organized by your peers, the collective is dedicated to providing support and social opportunities to folks living with, relishing in and struggling with non-traditional gender experiences.

Want to talk to someone about being non-binary? You can contact us to chat any time. Want to meet with gender non-conforming people? Check out our schedule for upcoming events! Looking for information? Our resources page has links and sites to help you on your journey.