• Our Collective’s Calendar of Events

    The Metro Vancouver Non-Binary Collective does our best to host a variety of online and in-person events for our members, along with the occasional event for non-members! This page covers our regular and semi-regular events and all the information you will need to attend them.

    Accessiblity & Safety

    Making events accessible both physically and financially is a top priority for us. Here are some of the things we do to help make it easier for you to attend MVNBC;

    • All regular events are free of charge, always.
    • All locations are picked to be easy to get to – no stairs, on transit routes, etc.
    • All events will be food & scent free, unless specified (ie; picnics, etc).

    COVID-19 / 2020 Update

    Due to COVID-19, most of our in-person meetings are no longer happening. Fidget toys will not be provided and our few in-person meetings will be outdoor and social distancing only.

Our Current Regular Meetings

Interested in attending any of these? Visit their dedicated pages or see how to join us for more info.

  • Peer Support Meetings

       Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Vancouver Time
       Zoom Date: 1st Thursday of Most Months
       Discord Date: 4th Tuesday of Every Month

    These structured meetings are peer-supported nights for non-binary folks to talk about gender or lackthereof, transition, coming out, dysphoria and the many other things that affect us.

  • Upcoming Dates:

    August 6th – Zoom
    August 25th – Discord

    September 3rd – Zoom
    September 22nd – Discord

  • Social Gatherings

       Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Vancouver Time
       Discord Date: 2nd Tuesday of Every Month
       Zoom Date: 3rd Thursday of Most Months

    These un-structured gatherings are a chance for non-binary folks to connect and discuss whatever catches their fancy. Sometimes gender related – and sometimes not!

  • Upcoming Dates:

    August 11th – Discord
    August 20th – Zoom

    September 8th – Discord
    September 17th – Zoom

Our Current Semi-Regular Events

These events happen less often and usually take place on Saturdays.

  • Special Events: Park Meet-Ups

       Time & Date: 2nd or 4th Saturday, Time Varies
       Location: Central Park, Usually

    These are outdoor and social distancing meet-ups that happen in one of the Metro Vancouver parks. Dates, timeslots and location will vary and may be subject to weather cancellation.

  • Upcoming Dates:

    August 15th – Central Park, Burnaby

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